● Clean the area with warm running water using a clean cloth or cotton pad morning and at night, pat dry (do NOT rub), and apply a thin layer of coconut oil with a clean cotton tip.
● The area where the tattoo has been applied must be kept moist for successful healing and to avoid scabbing. Excessive scabbing may result in loss of pigment.
● NO Make-Up is to be applied to eyebrows or eyeliner area for at least 7 days. If the area is still healing do NOT use makeup until it is completely healed. Every Person is different so length of healing may vary.
● NO picking at flaking and or scabbing that may occur — let the skin heal naturally — picking can cause scarring.
● Avoid sun exposure and wear sunglasses to protect your cosmetic tattoo service. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and color change.
● Glycolic Acid and aggressive skin care products must be kept completely away from the tattoo as continued use can lighten and cause pigments to fade.

Please Note:

Taking proper care of your tattoo during the healing process is the best way to achieve amazing results. Such as the directions we have offered above. Although these instructions offer direction for a smooth healing process after your tattooing service, this in no way ensures pigment retention or longevity of your tattoo.



Immediately following a lash lift, for a minimum of 24 hours, please avoid heat, steam (including cooking over steaming stovetop), saunas, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes. Only approved product to put on immediately after a lift may be applied by your esthetician. Because your lashes are still malleable (shape-shifting), a side sleeper or face sleeper may notice that one or both eyes may raise or drop, leaving the lashes misshaped. Sleeping on your back is best. Avoid direct sunlight right after your treatment, as this can weaken the lift lotion and fade the tint. Avoid face washes and oil-based beauty products as this can also cause lashes to drop prematurely.

waxing FACTS


 Although we don't trim for hygienic reasons, we recommend you trim after your visit.
 For best results, please wait at least 10 days after shaving.
 If Aunt Flo is visiting, it's okay! Tell us and come prepared - we're not scared!


 Use The Tidy Shoppe's aftercare products!
 Try your best to avoid sweating and tight clothes for at least 24 hours after getting waxed.

 If you're a first time client, come in within 7 days for a complimentary touch up if needed!



 Come to your appointment in very loose clothes – think sandals and sweats
 No deodorant, makeup, lotion, or straps/elastic
 Wax or shave before you come in to tan

How you exit the shower is how you want to arrive!


 Wait at least 12 hours before you shower to achieve best results
 Avoid water and tight clothing/undergarments until your first shower

 Moisturize 2x a day for a long lasting tan

 Tans will last the longest if you avoid chlorine, salt water, and shaving